The shocking way that kind words hurt old people

This awesome young thing is called an old man cactus.
That’s right. That is why I am writing this article. This is actual footage of me finding this stuff out.
In Assisted Living, the alien tech is extra, but it’s probably available.
Don’t feel bad if this confuses you. The first thing all the sales people at these places say, is that no one knows about any of this stuff until they have to.
doesn’t need a Memory Center, needs environmental care
what is the code word for stop talking about old age?
remember when $200 was a ton of money?
yeah, I’m not going anywhere either.

What is it about humanity? The things that make us mentally squirm the most are the very things that every single one of us experiences.

PS: You want eternal life? you gotta look like this. Here’s an article about the tardigrade which is an actual Earth animal that practically lives forever.



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M. M. De Voe

M. M. De Voe

Fictionista, collector of obscure awards, admirer of optimists in the face of dread. Author of Book&Baby, an acclaimed guide for writer-parents.