Now that Twitter is also broken…

M. M. De Voe
8 min readNov 14, 2022

Here’s a modest suggestion for connecting with your people

None of the people in these buildings know each other. None of the people in the apartments in the same building know each other either. Yet I’d bet each of them has more than 1000 “connections” on social media.

I’m old enough to remember when writing a letter in the mail or slipping a note under a door was the only way to securely know that a friend was going to receive your message. I vividly remember when “answering machines” first gave humans the ability to leave voice messages for each other without a third party involved — everyone howled when you didn’t have one of these brilliant new machines (similar to the howls of social media users when they discover you are not on their particular platform).

Like the initial restrictions of Twitter, those answering-machines would cut off your message when you went on too long, and too bad for you — there was no re-recording or previewing back then. Think ahead and be pithy, or feel stupid and be forgiven for it. Those were the days.

But enough about history — let’s talk about today. I am a fairly-old lady (“the fairliest in all the land”) and I personally manage to run 4 active accounts on Facebook (personal, author, nonprofit, and nonprofit private group), two very active on Twitter (personal and nonprofit), two active accounts on Linked In (company and self) and two accounts on Instagram (an abandoned one that I tried for personal reasons — to haunt my children’s public feeds ) and one that is for the nonprofit but now run by a capable volunteer who also runs stories on Facebook, curates our YouTube channels and adds videos to IG). I also have seven active email addresses for various reasons (three personal, four for the nonprofit), a cell phone, a landline for school emergencies only (and apparently for voting robocalls), and I get direct-message texts on the phone, from Facebook messenger, and via Linked In and Twitter. Sometimes I even open up a Skype account for overseas people to be able to contact me, but I close it right after. The only thing I don’t do is TikTok.

That’s just me.

I’m hardly ever on Social Media yet I needed a hundred word paragraph to tell you how you can reach me.

Notice I didn’t even list this Medium account where I write longer musings and respond to comments, or the newsletter I write weekly on Substack to my subscribers. These are not ways I think of as connecting with people — and yet, factually, I have more…



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